Guest for Justice in Your Pulpit

A Guest for Justice in Your Pulpit speaker can be requested for services or programs at any UU congregation in Ohio year round. Speakers include UU ministers, educators, attorneys and lay activists prepared to offer UUJO services and programs.


To make arrangements for a speaker: email the individual directly and copy


List of speakers: Click on speaker's name for more information

  • Rev. Frank Carpenter - Peacemaking

  • Al Gerhardstein - Criminal Justice/Race

  • Nancy King Smith - Environment 

  • Carol Temerson - Immigration

  • Prof Howard Tolley - UU Social Justice Outreach, Immigration, Criminal Justice/Race, Peacemaking, Voting Rights/Fair Elections

  • Ron Boyd - Environment, General Topics (religion, spirituality, philosophy, psychology, sociology, etc.)

  • Rev. Joan VanBecelaere - UUJO, UU theological and spiritual foundations for social justice, current justice issues, and other topics can be arranged in alignment with your congregation's monthly theme.


To become a speaker: Please download this form, fill it in, and send it as an email attachment to


List of topics: See topics below. Speakers may be available on other topics such as the death penalty, peacemaking, voting rights, and reproductive justice. Contact to see whether a qualified speaker is available.


  1. UU Social Justice Outreach for Global Ministry, Prof. Howard Tolley

  2. Immigration

    1. Immigration: Melting Pot, Rainbow, or Mosaic? 21st Century U.S. Immigration, Prof. Howard Tolley

    2. Immigration: Past, Present, Future, Carol Temerson

  3. Economic Justice Labor/Poverty TBA

  4. Criminal Justice/Race

    1. Incarceration, Reentry, Death Penalty: Education or Agitation for Racial Justice?, Prof. Howard Tolley

    2. Police reform including bias free policing, problem solving, Al Gerhardstein

    3. Juvenile justice, Al Gerhardstein

    4. Prison reform, Al Gerhardstein

    5. Over incarceration of people of color, Al Gerhardstein

  5. Environment

    1. What Does Environmental Justice Look Like?, Nancy King Smith

    2. Why Climate Change isn’t just another issue, Nancy King Smith

  6. LGBT Rights TBA

  7. Peacemaking

    1. Nips and Snails and Puppy Dog Tails: Peace and Gender, Rev. Frank Carpenter

    2. Technologies of (In)Justice: Drones, Digital surveillance and More, Rev. Frank Carpenter

    3. UU Pacifist Doves and Humanitarian Hawks, Prof. Howard Tolley

  8. Reproductive Justice TBA

  9. Voting Rights/Fair Elections

    1. Liberal Religion, Election Fraud, and Voter Suppression, Prof. Howard Tolley