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Freedom of Choice

The Ohio House has voted once again to ban abortions (55-40) starting at six-weeks, with no exception for rape or incest. A similar bill was passed last year but died in the Senate. Now that the bill is headed to the Senate, YOU need to head to the Statehouse. Join NARAL Pro-Choice Ohio for the Freedom of Choice Ohio Advocacy Day on April 22nd. 


How the Ohio House Budget Hurts Women

In Governor Kasich’s proposed state budget (to be signed by June 30th), he introduced cuts to Medicaid programs impacting women specifically. Medicaid is a crucial source of coverage for low-income women. In particular, Medicaid provides family planning serves and pregnancy-related care without cost-sharing so that women are available to receive essential care quickly and without barriers. Here is a summary:

  • Pregnant women cut from Medicaid eligibility. The bill reduces income eligibility from 200% FPL ($31,860 for a pregnant woman expecting one child) to 138% FPL ($21,187 for a pregnant woman with one child).  The result is that many low-income women may not be able to access quality, affordable coverage. While women cut from Medicaid will be technically eligible to receive a subsidy to purchase coverage offered in the Marketplace, the fact is that Marketplace coverage may still be cost-prohibitive, as labor, delivery, and post-natal care will have cost-sharing requirements in addition to deductibles and premium payments.  Providing Medicaid to pregnant women up to 200% FPL ensures that a greater number of low-income women have access quality care during and after their pregnancy without having to worry about medical bills.

  • Elimination of the family planning program. This bill will eliminate the program. While this provision may be intended to streamline coverage options, the proposal fails to recognize that the family planning program complements the ACA and continues to play an important role in ensuring women receive the coverage they need to stay healthy.

  • Elimination of the breast and cervical cancer treatment program. The breast and cervical cancer program provides low-income women access to timely breast and cervical screenings and ensures that women who are diagnosed with cancer through the program receive treatment services through Medicaid. Again, this program complements the ACA.


Dignity, Access, Respect: Reproductive Justice for Women of Color

Reproductive justice widens the scope of women’s reproductive rights beyond legal access and choice, focusing on the many additional economic, cultural, political, health and racial barriers women experience.

Watch Maria Miranda, management circle member, New Voices for Reproductive Justice, in an examination of how women of color can shape and lead their own reproductive justice movements.Click here for podcast link.


The Next Assault on Women’s Rights

Anti-abortion advocate, Ohio Right to Life, is urging our Ohio legislators to outlaw abortions after 20 weeks of a pregnancy. This proposal would bring felony charges and loss of medical licenses against any doctor who performed an abortion after the 20-week limit. Such a law would be seen as a direct threat to the framework set in Roe v. Wade which set a 24-week viability limit on abortions.


We can expect this bill (dubbed “Pain-Capable” legislation since supporters claim fetuses can feel pain at 20 weeks) to be introduced in the General Assembly in the coming weeks. Please contact your legislators and encourage them NOT to support this upcoming legislation.


From Planned Parenthood Advocates of Ohio

Anti-women’s health lawmakers tried to force a bill through the Ohio state legislature that would ban abortion after just six weeks. But you and 30,000 other Planned Parenthood supporters spoke out. Women and men rallied against this dangerous bill at the state capitol. Politicians couldn’t justify these attacks and the vote failed!


This is how we win, this is how we defend women’s health and rights. And the fight has never been more important. At 6 weeks, many women don’t even know they’re pregnant. This bill would have taken away a woman’s right to make her own medical decisions, before she even knows she has decisions to make.


It’s thanks to people like you that we can stop bills like this from ever becoming law – and that’s worth celebrating. Thanks for speaking up when it counts, again and again.




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  • Don't Let Anyone Take Away Our Reproductive Rights - Our reproductive rights are under seige. Please tell your state representatives that they must keep their legislation off of our bodies. Read how Gov. Kasich is trying to make life hard for people seeking abortions.