Turning Anger to Action
Advice from US Senate Staffer

According to this staffer, the best way to get the attention of a US Senator is ...

  1. Face-to-Face time: Go to their local offices, town halls, and any events. Ask questions. Push for answers. The more people you can bring, the better. Spread your supporters around the event so you look strong in number.

  2. Call everyday: Local events do not occur every day so you need to call. Make 6 calls every day - one to DC office, one to local office of each of your two senators and one to your representative. Emails usually get ignored and letters take too long to read. Calls get recorded and reported on by zip code. 

So what should these calls emphasize to be most effective?

  • Ask for staffer in charge of topic. "I'd like to speak with the staffer in charge of healthcare, please." Local offices might not have specific issue staffers so ask for the name of the person who is helping you. Try to always speak with someone. If no one answers, then you can leave a message. 

  • Give your zip code. If you are in an area that typical votes for them, they'll work hard to keep/get your vote.

  • Make it personal. "I am worried about this topic because I am a single mother."

  • Call about one or two issues so you do not muddle your message. 

  • Be clear and concise about what you want. "I am disappointed the senator voted this way because ..." "I want to thank the senator for voting this way because ..."

  • Don't worry that your calls are getting old. Your opposition is doing the same thing.