Our UU congregations and UUJO support justice efforts in a number of areas.  Some resources and issue groups are listed below. 


Do you believe in compassionate and fair immigration reform? Join us. See our Immigration page for more info.

Economic Justice


Do you believe our economic system is unjust and needs to be revised to reflect our values? Join us. See our Economic Justice page for more info.

Witnessing Race


Do you believe the color of your skin should determine how you are treated in our criminal justice system and society? oin us. See our Witnessing Race page for more info.

Reproductive Justice


Do you believe the US Supreme Court or any institution should be able to tell a woman how she should govern her own body? Join us. See our Reproductive Justice page for more info.



Do you believe that our earth is sacred and deserves to be treated with dignity and respect? Join us. See our Environmental Justice page for more info.

LGBTQ Rights


Do you believe that our work is just beginning on equal rights for LGBTQ? Join us. See our LGBTQ Rights page for more info.



Do you believe there should be peace on earth and that it should begin with you? Join us. See our Peacemaking page for more info.

Voting Rights and Elections


Do you believe our current voting and elections systems are rigged by special interests? Join us. See our Voting Rights/Elections page for more info.