Fair Food Program

Justice for Farmworkers - Boycott Wendy's!

UUSC and UUJO endorse the Wendy's boycott! We uphold the rights of farmworkers and support the Coalition of Immokalee Workers' Wendy's boycott.

Please join us in reading and signing the Boycott Wendy's petition. Our goal is to reach 50,000 signatures and we need more support. 


Resources including flyers, a Manager letter, one-pagers, and buttons are available here.

Move to Amend

The 2013 Louisville General Assembly “Action of Immediate Witness” made support of a constitutional amendment to eliminate corporate personhood and money as speech “Denominational Policy”. Since then at least 51 UU “communities” have endorsed Move to Amend and almost 1,000 UUs have friended the Facebook page: ‘Move to Amend Unitarian Universalists”.

For more information about Move to Amend contact MTA Interfaith Caucus moderator Michael Greenman of 1st UU Columbus (614-439-4768 mgreenmanoh@gmail.com)  The following documents are available in Drop Box:

  • (061015) Faith and Ethical Organizations endorsing MTA

  • 2013 UUGA-ConstlAmdnmt AIW with footnotes

  • MTA-IFC and Climate Change

  • Introduction to MTA-IFC

  • Actions you can take in Support of MTA-IFC

  • Links to MTA, IFC and related web sites


The UUJO web page site on Voting Rights/Elections offers position statements opposing the proposed Constitutional Amendment, as some UUs favor alternative strategies to address the multiple assaults on democratic rights.


Coalition for Ohio’s Common Good
UUJO has joined the Faith Coalition for the Common Good in Ohio that also includes non-profit and advocacy organizations to protect the least of our citizens.  Ohio has cut the income tax to boost employment, but has instead suffered job losses, shrinking paychecks, and billions of dollars in cuts from our communities. Current budget proposals further reduce the state income tax with a huge, regressive sales tax increase. Dispatch article At MeetUp4Justice meetings with elected lawmakers, including members of the Ohio House and the Ohio Senate. 


The following is a statement from the Coalition concerning the Ohio budget:


Faith Community Calls on the Ohio Senate to Reduce Poverty

The Faith Coalition for the Common Good appeals to lawmakers to stop focusing on income tax cuts that primarily benefit the wealthiest Ohioans as a solution to all of Ohio’s needs. After 10 years of income tax cuts, we have fewer jobs, smaller paychecks, and more people living in poverty. Tax cuts simply have not worked. Reductions in cash assistance allocations have further led to steadily increasing poverty rates since 2005.


Thus, we urge legislators to attend to the extraordinary needs of economically desperate Ohioans. That includes trying to understand the desperation of a family of four trying to survive on less than $23,000 a year. With a 16% average poverty rate–and some counties topping out at 32%– jobs for too many Ohioans no longer provide a “living” income.


Let’s concentrate on assisting the one-third of Ohioan in low wage work, often temporary or part-time employees requiring public benefits to make ends meet. The under-employed need training coupled with job opportunities. We favor strategies such as the Earned Income Tax Credit with a proven success record in helping low-income Ohioans. And we applaud efforts to invest in Ohio’s long-term future through education – particularly rural, low-income school districts.


We challenge the Senate to include the $20m request from the Ohio Association of Food banks to respond to drastically increasing demands on our food pantries. We support reserve funding for the Ohio Housing Trust Fund and designation of TANF/PRC funds to directly assist people in crisis situations. We also recommend continuing Medicaid Expansion without unfair efforts to arbitrarily reduce rolls by eliminating qualified recipients.


A wide and deep divide over the state budget seems to have polarized branches of State government. Recognizing the critical need for cooperation among senators, house members, and the governor, we call our elected officials to rise above their difference and seek greater unity in conducting the people’s business. That means fulfilling their entrusted role of taking responsibility for our most vulnerable citizens, treating them as they would their own families.


Congressional lawmakers are preparing further cuts to the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program(SNAP, formerly food stamps).  See the Results posting for information about contacting representatives to oppose the cuts.


Escalating Inequality

A team of experts has produced a curated list of resources, organized into modules, to help congregations understand classism and economic inequality and identify opportunities for action.  The CSAI Study Guide provides UU congregations with materials and guidance for beginning or deepening their exploration of economic justice, helping to navigate this complex and inspiring subject with many ways to engage at personal, congregational, local, state, national, and global levels.  Dan Schneider heads the UUJO Economic Justice Action Team promoting education, service and action on a range of economic justice issues linked to other inequities — mass incarceration; migrant rights, climate change; sexual and gender injustice to attacks on voting rights.


Justice for Farmworkers — The Fair Food Program
The Coalition of Immokalee Workers has provided new campaign materials for Ohio activists to contact Wendy’s, the only one of the five top fast food restaurants NOT participating in the Fair Food Program and Kroger, which which continues to profit from the exploitation of workers picking Florida tomatoes.  We invite congregations to do a letter signing action on any Sunday in April or May. If your congregation is willing to do this, please send the signed letter to Sue Carter who will deliver them to the Wendy’s headquarters in Columbus, OH. Letter to Mr. Brolick. Letters can also be mailed directly to Mr. Emil Brolick, CEO The Wendy’s Company One Dave Thomas Boulevard, Dublin, Ohio 43017  Contact Sue Carter for more information. Donations from a congregation or individual can be sent to the CIW at  P.O. Box 603, Immokalee, FL 34143. For more information, contact Sue Carter. See Ohio Fair Food Facebook. Also contact Sue if interested in a free screening of the film Food Chains.


Coalition of Immokalee Workers gets Presidential Medal for anti-human trafficking achievements.

”As the eyes and ears and conscience of the community, the CIW helped liberate more slaves and helped develop more successful prosecutions than any other group of people I am aware of in all the work I have done in human trafficking,” he said. 


As Co-founder, Laura Germino said, we are especially honored by the White House’s recognition of the Fair Food Program for having moved beyond prosecution of the crime to actual prevention.”


The Metropolitan Area Religious Coalition of Cincinnati (MARCC) has identified economic recovery/income disparity/employment as a 2015 major concern.


The AMOS Project in Cincinnati is focusing on the high childhood poverty rate in Cincinnati (53%) and on implementing the preschool promise.  The 32 minute video “Are We Crazy About Our Kids?” presents the scientific evidence on early brain development as a guide to cost effective pre-school programs that reduce long term costs in the educational and criminal justice system.


Networks Economic Rights  Labor, Poverty


Medicaid Expansion in Ohio:  The UUJO steering committee has endorsed the Health Care Action Network statewide campaign urging Republican legislative leaders and the Governor to expand Medicaid in Ohio.


Unitarian Universalist Justice Ohio (UUJO) bases its economic justice concerns on the first two principles accepted by Unitarian Universalists:

  • The inherent worth and dignity of all people

  • Justice, equity and compassion in human relations


We believe people are more important than corporations.


We support local economic activities as a driver of the economy and an important balance to the power and influence of national and multi-national corporations.


We support local communities and the poor who will be adversely affected by proposed income tax reductions.


We support low-income workers in their attempts to seek justice from employers who engage in wage theft.

Economic Justice


Leader: Dan Schneider

Email: danschneider1227@yahoo.com