Rev. Frank Carpenter



  • Availability: Spring and Summer preferably, Guest in Your Pulpit worship service, program lecture, seminar/workshop


  • Fee: Negotiable and depends on distance traveled, number of services, size of congregation, and standard compensation paid to similarly qualified pulpit speakers. Home hospitality may be needed, depending on distance. See OMD guidelines.

About Rev. Frank Carpenter


Retired Unitarian Universalist minister, served UU congregations in New England, Texas and Ohio. Participated in social justice efforts on peace and the environment.



  • NIPS AND SNAILS AND PUPPY DOG TAILS: a sermon or discussion on peace and gender focusing on gender roles. Theme: violence in our culture is based in domestic violence.

  • TECHNOLOGIES OF (IN)JUSTICE: drones and digital surveillance are but the latest most recent innovations testing our hopes of a just world.  Ever increasing innovations challenge efforts to grasp consequences.